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My Team Spotlight: Robert Rambo, Compression/Composites Plant Manager

As Plant Manager of Cambro’s Compression and Composites products, Robert Rambo, is responsible for the production of a large variety of Cambro products, many of them new. His focus on consistent quality makes sure those products perform as expected.


Continuing our in-depth look at the team members that make up your Cambro team, we connected with Robert and he shared some work and personal insights with us.

Robert, you’ve worked at Cambro since 2011. What has kept you at Cambro for 5 years?

The team. The opportunity to constantly try and do things better. Constant improvement is a great challenge. And of course, location is a plus – being in California is nice.

What do you like best about working at Cambro?

Having the ability to work with many different departments. The company is so big, there are so many areas with different manufacturing specialties and sharing knowledge and best practices across the board is great. We’re really close as a team.

What does teamwork mean to you?

To me, it means that starting with the very top from Argyle [Campbell, Owner] to the production line workers, everybody shares the same direction. Everyone looks for solutions, not finger-pointing. Get involved in helping any area you can, not just where it’s your responsibility.

What’s the best advice you’ve received?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Stay positive.

What would surprise someone about your job?

How hands on we all are. No matter the level in the department or company. Every day I’m out there working side by side with all employees – we’re very hands-on with the process.

Name one thing about Cambro you wish more people knew.

What a great company it is. The ability to integrate new technologies but all the while keeping that small company, family-feel to it.

What is your favorite Cambro product?

The EpicTread™ tray. It’s so different from so many trays that we make. Very thin, yet durable. Non-slip texture. It’s the newest wave of trays.

Favorite food?


When you’re at restaurants, do you look for Cambro products in use?

I drive my family crazy. I pick up every tumbler, every tray… I probably look pretty weird to people working at the restaurant. I can’t help it. I’ll look under the tray while they’re holding it.

The hardest thing you’ve overcome?

Most people look at change as a bad thing. Coming in, [I was focused on] making sure people understood that change as a constant is a good thing. That and making sure everyone understood how much process consistency impacts quality.

Something you’d be doing when not at work?

I’d be skateboarding at the beach right now – that’s what I love to do.

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