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Shelving That Sets You Apart – Right from the Start

Right from the StartAccording to health inspectors and food safety regulators, walk-in coolers are usually the starting point when performing restaurant inspections. If all checks out okay in the walk-in, there’s a good probability the restaurant is up to code in other areas. If there is chaos in the cooler…well, you get the point. Walk-in coolers can be a challenge to keep organized, clean and efficient when outfitted with deteriorated shelving, overloaded shelves or mislabeled items. Walk-in coolers are exposed to constant interaction throughout the day—with lots of moving parts that can cause a fault in the system if proper storage processes are not implemented or maintained.

shutterstock_289273070Unfortunately independent operators are the ones most often dealing with repeated health code violations as a result of improper food handling, lack of food safety training, and compromised storage practices. Independent restaurants already operate on low margins, and cannot afford to continuously pay fines, which can range anywhere from $250-$500 depending on the severity of the violation.

If you are planning on opening a restaurant or are just getting started with research, we’d like to help you build and protect your brand, Right from the Start. Independent operators such as caterers, cafés, yogurt shops and delis, often resort to non-NSF approved, low-cost shelving because they cannot afford to invest in a long-term, better shelving solution. Over the course of time they instead inconveniently “adapt” or continuously replace inefficient shelving with more of the same rather than upgrading to something that is going to bring them long-term value and assist them in running a more efficient kitchen.

Foodservice Operator Trusted. Health Inspector Approved.

Camshelving Basics is precisely the answer for foodservice entrepreneurs who are looking for a simple shelving solution that is going to store their food safely and keep the health inspector happy.

Basics1Here are 5 Key Attributes of Basics Shelving:

  1. Affordable compared to wire shelving – Just because the budget is tight doesn’t mean that performance and storage efficiencies should be compromised. Basics shelving is made from an extremely strong composite material — strong enough to handle rigorous storage demands.
  2. Corrosion/Rust Free – Backed by a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. You’ll never have to replace this shelving.
  3. Easy to Clean – Removable shelf plates can be run through the dishwasher making it easy to quickly sanitize without interrupting storage space. Plus you save on labor costs.
  4. Shelves that are easy to adjust – Each shelf can be independently adjusted to accommodate a variety of products as storage needs change.
  5. Easy to assemble – Like Legos for adults! Really, it’s that simple.

As a proud business owner with high expectations for your business’s future, there are a few things you can’t take chances on. The good news is you don’t have to. Camshelving Basics is a lower-cost shelving solution, designed with you in mind. Basics shelving helps independent operators set up their kitchen for maximum cost savings, labor efficiency, food safety and functionality no matter the size of operation or the budget.

For more information on Camshelving Basics, money-saving operating tips and valuable resources from expert advisors visit to help jump start you on the Right Path, Right from the Start!

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