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Make Your Brand Shine with Reusable Kid Cups

DSC_0925Focus on sustainability. Generate profits. Increase savings.

Foodservice operators have a lot to focus on. While it’s difficult to cut food costs without affecting quality, there is one area that can help an operator address several of these topics and get a marketing boost at the same time:  reusable kid cups.

Restaurants spend thousands of dollars each year on flimsy disposable kid cups that end up in the trash after a one-time use. This small problem can have a negative impact on the environment and of course the bottom line.

With Cambro’s reusable kid cups restaurants can personalize durable cups with appealing designs without the cost associated with disposable options. KidsCupsWith a minimum cost of disposable lids operators can save money while also reducing environmental waste.

Calculate the potential savings with our easy to use Kid Cup Calculator.


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