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Tablotherm: The In-Home Feeding Solution for Aging Population

Tablotherm-insulatedAs the world’s aging population continues to grow, the demand for senior meal delivery programs continues to rise. Delivering fresh, hot meals to seniors is a widely offered service in many European countries and is also a growing trend in the US market.

Senior home meal delivery programs are specially beneficial to seniors who have recently been discharged from a hospital and need temporary assistance with meal service. These programs can help seniors who suffer from chronic pain or are simply too weak to carry heavy grocery bags and prepare their own meals. Being able to receive nutritious meals can keep many seniors with minimal care needs away from nursing homes. In instances where nursing home costs are too much for seniors, these meal delivery programs can still allow for healthy, nutritious meals.

Tablotherm1Companies that offer daily meal service to the elderly need to pay attention to the temperature loss that occurs during the delivery time which compromises the food quality. One way to prevent this from happening is by using an insulated tray such as Cambro’s Tablotherm trays.

The newest model of Tablothem is a lightweight, insulated tray designed to hold hot and cold foods at optimal temperatures for up to an hour. The insulated tray can conveniently be left behind upon delivery and picked it up again during the next round of service.

Features and Benefits of Tablotherm (IT3753T)

  • Holds a combination of hot and cold foods in one unit.
  • Maintains safe temperatures for up to one (1) hour.
  • Lightweight 2,3 Kg (empty).
  • Built with durable construction.
  • Stackable for easy transportation and storage.
  • Reduces the cost of disposables.

Tablotherm insulated trays are currently available to European customers. Please contact your  Cambro Representative for more details about the new Tablotherm.

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