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Behind the Burger at Carl’s Jr. Part 2: Organized Storeroom

546px-Carl's_Jr._Signage.svgThe following is part 2 of 3 part series from Cambro’s Australian distributor detailing the work in helping a well-known US brand launch into an international market.

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It is clearly evident that Australia’s newest QSR burger chain Carl’s Jr have their back of house organization down pat. The extremely organized storeroom coupled with the seamless and well organized production lines and prep stations at Carl’s Jr. ensures a gourmet burger experience at fast food speed.

DSC_1229Challenged with the need to maximize the small storage space available, Carl’s Jr. turned to Cambro – the leading global supplier in food storage systems – for all their storage and shelving needs.

Manufactured from a unique, extremely strong composite material that withstands extreme storage conditions and temperatures, Cambro’s Elements Series shelving allows for easy cleaning (you can run shelves through the dishwasher!) plus comes with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion.

We caught up with Carl’s Jr. General Manager Rodney Moran to see how the Cambro Shelving had helped improve the organization and cleanliness of their storerooms.

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