Cambro Launches Freshness Contained Brochure and Fresh App

FreshContained_logoThe arrival of summer marks two big introduction dates in Cambro’s marketing calendar. This month, the global foodservice equipment and supplies manufacturer has launched its new Freshness Contained brochure and a cool, fresh App to go along with it.

For foodservice operators, their profit is dependent on serving fresh, tasty, and visually appealing food, not in throwing it away. Cambro understands how critical it is to keep perishable foods in the best environment possible. Freshness contained is the perfect tool to help operators confidently store their fruits and vegetables in the safest way possible and in the right container, every time!

image6The team at Cambro continues to support foodservice operators worldwide not only by providing storage products for every application, but also tried and tested recommendations on how to best store their produce for extended shelf life.

Freshness contained offers operators food storage solutions that are not only designed to retain the freshness of perishable foods but also the quality, appearance, flavor and nutritional value for as long as possible.

Click here to download the app and fill out the form to request your copy of the Freshness Contained brochure:

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