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We’re Into Labels… and You Should Be Too

Shelving ID tagsEvery chef wants organization and extra storage space, but how can this truly be achieved without completely revamping or expanding your storage rooms? No matter the organizational method you implement in your walk-in cooler or dry-storage areas, one thing is for certain: proper labeling, stack-ability and easy access to products are a must.

One inexpensive and simple way to achieve optimal organization is by using ID tags on your shelves. Using these ensures that everything has a designated space and that items are placed back on the correct shelf after use. ID tags also help with restocking, during the receiving process or when stored items need to be temporarily moved around for cleaning. Organization and proper labeling are just as important, especially when you are training new kitchen staff. They make it easier for new employees to spot items, help speed up the process and keep employees from meandering through different shelves.

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“Organization in a walk-in cooler, or any storage area for that matter, really helps boost employee morale. It makes their work environment more pleasant to navigate in and out of and also helps with productivity,” says Manny Gonzalez, Executive Chef at Taps Fish House in Brea, CA. “If they are given the proper tools to maintain it organized, such as ID tags, proper containers and food rotation labels, they are going make every effort to ensure that it stays that way, and they will also make sure that others do their part to follow suit.”

Keeping your storage areas organized might seem overwhelming, but just implementing small steps along the way makes a difference. You can easily create a permanent space for your ingredients and supplies using shelving ID tags.

Want to see how easy it is to install these shelving tags? Check out our video below.

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