Make the Best Case for Your Trays

As a healthcare foodservice operator, your main concern is patient satisfaction. As making sure that every meal is delivered on time and at the right temperature while meeting the nutritional guidelines isn’t enough already, your role has in the recent years been tagged on titles like “Budget Nazi” as well as “CSO” (Chief Sustainability Officer)!

As solutions that impact foodservice as well as the environment are already rare to come across, making a case for the executive team’s approval is another challenging task to combat. NonSkid Versa Camtray w Shoreline TiltFor the sake of a convincing argument, justify a potential investment by looking beyond the upfront cost and instead focus on the long-term value and savings your idea would bring to the department.

One green solution that repeatedly shows its value to healthcare foodservice operators is the Non-Skid tray that forever puts an end on tray mats, reducing cost and waste.

The Proof

Try Cambro’s Tray Calculator Tool. Operators can within minutes find their way to savings by switching to one of Cambro’s Non-Skid Trays. While the tool displays the yearly spending on Disposable tray mats based on the information entered, it also provides an estimate of the upfront investment and the savings associated with switching to Non-Skid trays. 

As sustainability plays a major role in cost savings and landfill reduction, thousands of dollars and tons of trash can be saved by eliminating the use of disposable tray mats.  Healthcare foodservice operators can confidently back their proposal by presenting a tangible solution to the executive team.

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