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Boost Patient Appetite with New Bright Ceramics from Cambro Healthcare

Ceramics from Cambro HealthcareWhile flavors, textures and temperatures are critical elements of food enjoyment, one aspect that often lacks attention is the presentation. Food presentation is as impactful to patient appetite as other elements; hence the often-used phrase that we eat with our eyes. The Classic White Ceramic Ware is Cambro’s latest solution for an appetite boosting meal presentation.

This matching collection provides an attractive yet home-like experience to patients and residents while allowing the staff to combat the most common complaint—temperature inconsistency.

With Cambro’s ceramics, staff can conveniently re-heat meals or keep desserts cold until ready for delivery, as the collection is oven, microwave as well as freezer-safe. A flavorful meal at the right temperature with an appealing presentation will help enhance patient appetite and overall attitude towards recovery.

Click here for more information Cambro’s Classic White Ceramic Ware or contact your local Cambro Representative.

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