Your Seasonal Menu Problems Solved in 1/8 of a Pan

Seasonal ItemsSeasonal menus featuring an increasing number of options such as butternut-squash, pears, roasted beets and pumpkin are becoming more of a regular occurrence in restaurants. While this can mean more business, it can also create storage problems, especially in small kitchens. Finding enough room to store seasonal items that are not part of your standard menu while still ensuring that kitchen staff have adequate space to work can be a challenge.

Same Space, More Menu Flexibility

Cambro now offers a unique, innovative solution with the new 1/8 Size Polycarbonate and 1/8 High Heat Food Pan. This first-of-its kind 1/8 Size polycarbonate food pan supports menu expansion and limited time offers within existing prep and storage space. Eight Size Pan on locationNow foodservice operators can store a wider variety of cold ingredients for sandwich making, pizza, salad prep, or keep ready-to-eat fixings within arm’s reach. Also, having a variety of sizes of food pans helps maintain optimum fill levels at all times all while reducing waste of slower moving items.

Keep More Hot Food Items Within Reach

Now you can also store more assortments of foods within your existing hot holding space using the 1/8 High Heat Food Pan. Using the right size food pans, steam tables can offer a great solution to maintaining food items warm and fresh until they are served without scorching or drying them out. This 1/8 Food Pan can be used in steam tables, prep tables, breading stations and sauce stations to help keep essential ingredients within reach and your operation running smoothly.

Using 1/8 size pans can increase the number of menu items by 50% within the same workspace.

This pan can also transform and adjust to different temperatures, cold to hot no matter the application.

This 1/8 High Heat Food Pan can go from prep to cooler to oven to steam table to reduce unnecessary handling. Matching lids and drain pan are available to complete the system on both material options.

Now you can spruce up your seasonal menu options without overthinking about space restrictions within your existing works pace. With the new 1/8 Food Pan you can make your existing room work for you by adding all sorts of fun ingredients to your menu offering all while still ensuring that kitchen your staff has adequate space to work.

Contact your local sales representative for a demo and sample of this new addition to our line of food storage products.

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