The Versatile Solution for 7 School Foodservice Programs

The USDA recently announced the availability of $25 million in grants for schools to purchase new foodservice equipment. However, even with these available funds, school foodservice directors need to be creative when it comes to equipment options.

When it comes to choosing school foodservice equipment, versatility is a key feature. Equipment that can satisfy all, or most, of the following criteria will be your best bet:

  • Convenience – Multi-functional equipment should be easy to switch from breakfast set up to a salad bar or full reimbursable line that you can offer outside the main cafeteria.
  • Cost Savings – Reduce your total costs by using one cart for multiple programs; such as Breakfast Grab-N-Go, Salad Bars for lunch, and a healthy snack program.
  • Food Safety – Make sure the equipment you purchase can safely serve, store and /or transport your food within your required allotment of time. For example is your food prepared 3-4 hours before service? Perhaps an insulated cart that is pre-heated or pre-chilled to keep the food at safe temperatures until the bell, would be a good option.
  • Mobility – Do you have space to add new infrastructure or do you need a mobile solution that can be stored separate from where it is provides service?

The Cambro® Versa Food Bar® Ultra Series can be used to meet the needs of 7 different programs! This versatile food bar is a vital part of any successful school foodservice program.

SaladBar infographic

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