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Flour - Cambro BlogFor foodservice professionals, being able to precisely measure an ingredient such as flour is everything when creating the perfect dish or baked good. This process requires a perfect balance of art and science to make sure your creation tastes great and the proper consistency and density is repeated time and time again.

Sift the Right Container

Flour is packaged with a moisture content of approximately 14 percent. If the flour is stored in the right container with a proper lid and kept in an adequate environment, the moisture content can be controlled more effectively. Generally, flour will lose more moisture the longer it is stored. If stored at high altitudes, flour tends to dry out more quickly, but in wet climates, flour may actually form clumps from excessive moisture. Storing flour in an airtight container is the best way to keep the moisture content constant.

Measurement Tips for Storing Flour in a Cambro Container

Whether you are an experienced baker or a novice cook, it is important to create a good habit of measuring flour using measuring cups or storage containers with printed graduations to be sure your measurements are as accurate as possible. A measure of all purpose flour (AFP) can be crucial in creating the perfect dish. If there is an exact measure in pounds for all purpose flour, culinary experts, as a rule. convert this into quarts (qt.) of all purpose flour.

Pounds to Quarts Conversion - Cambro Containers - FlourBy not using adequate kitchen tools such as portioning storage containers, maintaining product consistency for guests will be challenging. This will, in turn, affect the restaurant’s bottom line.

Cambro offers a comprehensive assortment of storage containers with graduations, measuring cups and personalized products in a variety of styles and sizes.

Find out what portioning tools could help you control food costs and create consistent recipes. Contact a Cambro Sales Representative for product samples and information.

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