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Camshelving® Basics Series: Doing You a Solid (Or a Vented)

Basics w Solid ShelvesWe are excited to announce that we have added Solid Shelf plates to our Basics shelving line. This new addition will help food operators support specific storage needs as well as assist them in meeting health department requirements in applications where solid shelf plates are required as is the case in healthcare settings.

For instance, hospitals implement infection control standards that require the hospital to identify risks in the environment that might transmit infections. Some items such as food and sterilized goods can become contaminated if they are stored on the lower shelf that does not have a solid bottom, mostly due to moisture that could be absorbed from the floor or mops.

Question: In what applications should I be using removable Vented vs. Solid Shelf Plates?

Answer: Each serves a purpose, just see for your “shelf”.

Vented Shelf Plates

  • Vented shelf plates are perfect for storing perishable products that benefit from air flow around them.

Solid Shelf Plates

  • ItemsOnTray_ShelfPlatesBlogIdeal for storing narrow items such as squeeze bottles, sauces or condiments to prevent them from toppling over or slipping through vents. No more unnecessary, space-inefficient baking sheet pans for storing narrow items.
  • Helps keep linens and towels smooth, snag-free and without wire shelf markings.
  • Solid shelf plates make it easy to store china and are recommended for any items with legs – chafing dishes and beverage servers to name a couple.

Benefits of Removable Shelf Plates

  • Having removable shelf plates reduces the risk of chemicals contaminating the food. Shelf plates are removed, transported to a designated warewashing area and sanitized away from food.
  • ShelfPlates-housekeepingRemovable shelf plates are easy to remove and sanitize by simply running them through the dishwasher. No labor intensive manual scrubbing required.
  • Shelf plates and traverses can be easily removed to thoroughly sweep and mop hard-to-reach areas without having to move the entire shelving unit.

Contact a Cambro Shelving Consultant or visit to learn more about how you can find a system that directly impacts and improves the safety and the efficiency of your operation.

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