Ojai Hospital Breaks Free from Drying Challenges

Kimberly Lisi has many years of experience working as a healthcare foodservice professional at various facilities. At her most recent location, Kimberly oversees the foodservice operation at OVCH (Ojai Valley Community Hospital, Ojai, CA). As the Director of Food Nutrition Services, she shares her story leading up to becoming the winner of Cambro’s ProUp contest for a Tray Drying Rack.

Ojai Valley Com. HospitalMaintaining efficient work flow can sometimes be challenging when serving over 300 meals each day. For OVCH foodservice staff, the primary challenge is the limited space by the dishwashing area. The current drying process takes quite some space when the newly washed products have to remain on the clean side of the dishwashing conveyer to air dry before being stored away.

“When I got the e-mail about the contest, I went out with my phone and took a picture of how it was set up to enter the contest. That was what the staff did drying,” Kimberly said.

“This kitchen is over 50 years old. We have a low temp dish machine and a two compartment sink. We basically rinse, scrape and put everything through our dish machine. So everything has to go through there too to air dry before getting stored properly. We are challenged to dry our equipment properly to even store it,” Kimberly shared.

Tray Drying Rack - Cambro BlogFor OVCH, winning the Tray Drying Rack would certainly improve efficiency in their operation. This ideal solution will service a lot more items than just trays.

”We probably will use this piece for a mix of products, trays, boards and because we have some challenges with our tray line items….domes as well. To get those properly dried would be real beneficial too,” Kimberly added. “It basically gives us another temporary place to air dry and store while we can still maintain dishwashing. I like the fact that it’s mobile and that we’ll be able to move it out of the way to a clean area and then continue,” Kimberly noted.

With a proper drying system in place, Ojai Valley Community Hospital’s foodservice team will be able to dry and store products while using less of the dishwashing area. This enables a more efficient work flow overall to take place.

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