Who’s in Charge of Your Operation? Don’t Let Restrictive Heating Sources Slow Down Your Operation!

With the growing popularity of on-demand patient meal service, healthcare foodservice operators need to find flexible equipment solutions that help improve staff efficiency and reduce meal preparation time while maintaining optimal temperatures during peak hours.

One of the challenges operators often face is the lack of time and temperature control during plating and delivery of peak hour orders. Not being able to heat multiple bases at once contributes to delivery delays and temperature inconsistencies, resulting in lower patient satisfaction.

MDSCDCB9 Camduction w Bases HRGreenville Memorial Hospital in Greenville, SC, struggled to keep up with order volume when they used a single heating system which only allowed one base to be heated at a time. The 750-bed hospital resolved the matter by installing two Cambro Camduction® Complete Heat Systems.

“It is a surprise we didn’t have it any sooner,” says Executive Chef Michelle Mena Villal. “Now we are doing 40 [bases] at a time. Camduction has really been an advantage for us”, enthuses Mena Villal.

With the flexibility of heating up to 20 bases at a time, the Camduction Complete Heat System provides an efficient meal service solution while maintaining optimal meal quality from tray line all the way to patients’ rooms.

Watch it in action here:

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