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Take the Show on the Road: Restaurant Catering

The holiday season is certainly a busy time of year with office parties, family get-togethers, and corporate events galore. This is a great opportunity for restaurants and fast food outlets to generate additional income with off-premise catering. In fact, the last couple of years have seen a constant rise in the number of restaurant chains that offer off-premise catering. It’s not only a natural extension of a restaurant’s operation but helps increase customer reach.

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Built-In Marketing

Off-premise catering, besides increasing a restaurant’s range of services, also increases its marketing opportunities. In today’s fast-paced world of high-pressure and deadlines, people do not always have the time to personally prepare snacks or meals for office functions. Lunch meetings are the perfect opportunity to order catering! After all, who wants to be preparing sandwich platters in the lunch room when you could be finishing up your presentation? When delivering the food, restaurants should take care to deliver the best possible food and service. This is the opportunity to not only impress the current customers but perhaps to gain new followers from other departments. Bring extra menus, business cards, and any promos that will drive repeat business. You got in the door, now make sure to take advantage of it!

Existing Menus Can Be Repurposed for Catering

Established restaurants and fast food establishments have the benefit of doing catering without the need to invest in much additional equipment or space. Existing menus can easily be tailor-made into fantastic function menus. In fact, by using the existing menu to cater, raw ingredients will be consumed faster, thereby keeping food fresher—a win-win for all!

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The success of any off-site catering service depends on the quality of the food and service. It is vital that hot food be served hot and cold food be cold. The correct transport equipment is essential to the success of a high-quality catered event. Cambro’s wide assortment of insulated carriers and carts, a.k.a “hot boxes,” make catering a breeze. The heavy insulation throughout the units ensures that food stays safe for many hours, whether during holding or transit. It’s the insurance policy that caterers cannot afford to be without.

In business it’s important to always investigate new opportunities and to continue growing. Focusing on off-site catering as an additional revenue stream can improve profits and expose a restaurant to new customers. By using professional food transport solutions, such as the Cambro’s, establishments can ensure consistent quality of food is delivered every time. Good food + positive customer feedback = more revenues. A simple equation for success.

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  1. A great ideea for a outdoor event. The off-site catering is actualy great for clients as well as for the restaurant owners. Eating at your favorite restaurant without leaving the house.
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