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11 Ways to Make the Salad Bar Appealing: A Kid’s Point of View

Visit any school lunchroom, and you’ll see kids bypass the salad bar for pizza, french fries and other high-calorie/high-fat foods. With childhood obesity at an all-time high, educators and dietitians are searching for ways to encourage kids to make healthier choices.

In recent years, the Let’s Move Salad Bars 2 Schools Initiative has distributed over 3,500 salad bars to schools across the US, serving fresh fruits and vegetables to over 1,700,000 children. To make healthy choices appeal to a kid, you have to think like a kid.

Consider the following options for your school salad bar:

As unhealthy foods become more pervasive and inexpensive, salad bars in schools become even more important. Healthy eating habits start young, and giving children the avenue to make their own healthy choices is critical. Incorporating enticing and easy-to-use equipment like Cambro Salad Bars encourages children to see salads as an opportunity for creating and exploring.

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