7 Simple Solutions for Improved Storage

When you open the door to your walk-in cooler or dry-storage room, don’t you want to see order? Restaurant kitchens just like residential kitchens can become a magnet for clutter and disorganization. When you’re storing a large quantity of food and supplies, that’s the last thing you need. Clutter and disorganization can wreak havoc in your kitchen: promoting improper food rotation, which leads to food waste, wasted space and create unnecessary chaos for your staff.

Here are 7 smart tools to help keep things organized, even when “in the weeds”.

An organized kitchen with plenty of storage is a dream to work in. All the necessary tools need to be visible to your staff and within easy reach and ultimately, having everything in its proper place makes prepping, cooking and cleaning easier.

A place for everything…and everything in its place. Yes, that is possible even in the busiest of commercial kitchens. Cambro Shelving + Shelving Accessories makes this easy in any storage area, no matter the application.

Discover the many ways Cambro Shelving + Accessories can help you get organized.  Visit www.cambro.com/shelving or contact your Cambro representative.


  1. I am totally agreed with your topic that if we have well organized kitchen using shelving, then we can get more space to place the things and if it is for the Hotel, then your team can easily find out the things.

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