Cambro Featured Business of the Week

Rold Rite Sushi: Cambro Featured Business of the Week

“There’s an honesty to food that is so refreshing… especially after my first career on Wall Street.”

RoldRite3That honest introduction is made by John Stoj the Owner of Rold Rite Sushi & More.

The Atlanta-based sushi products company has a wholesale and catering operation. From small event catering to contracts with major contract companies like Aramark, Compass and Sodexo, the folks at Rold Rite Sushi pride themselves in going above and beyond the standard when it comes to food quality and safety.

Let’s get more info from Stoj about his business.

What do you love about your business?

I love providing people with a product that’s not only tasty, but healthy too, and seeing their surprise when sushi newbies find out how good it is.

What’s the coolest thing about your business?

The coolest thing is seeing the looks on people’s faces when they taste sushi for the first time and actually like it. It never gets old.

What’s been the biggest business challenge you’ve overcome?

We deliver freshly made sushi every day, and one of our biggest challenges was delivering it consistently at the required food safe temperature. Thankfully, Cambro has products that helped us do that. Now we deliver safe products 100 miles away from our kitchen.

What Cambro products does Rold Rite Sushi rely on?

We couldn’t do our business safely without Cambro Camcarriers and Camchillers.

We’re certainly glad to see Rold Rite Sushi growing and we wish them continued success. If you’re in the Atlanta area, check them out. Also, as the business of the week selection, Stoj will receive a prize package of Cambro storage products.

Links for Rold Rite Sushi:

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