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Retire the Rust

Great (Shelving) Expectations

Commercial shelving should do exactly what it is intended to do: keep stored food supply safe from contamination and organized until ready for use. Commercial grade shelving should have a life span of approximately 10 years. That’s right, an entire decade! After all, foodservice operators invest in commercial grade equipment for this reason.

Harsh Reality

But for many operators shelving replacements or “switch-outs” have become a 3 to 5-year standard operational procedure. This has a lot to do with operators accepting the “That’s just what happens” excuse with shelving equipment in a harsh environment. The constant loading and unloading, food spills, and sliding heavy #10 cans across the shelves. All of these things are destined to wear out shelving eventually. The degradation gets so bad that it can no longer be ignored. It’s also likely the local health inspector won’t let it go ignored.

The consequences of ignoring bad shelving

Break the Cycle

When operators get cited by the health inspector for their deteriorating shelving they sometimes replace bad, rusted shelving with more of the same brand or type of shelving; thinking that this is the most economical route. While wire and/or epoxy-coated shelving may be less expensive initially, over time as several replacements are needed this recurring expense will exceed the cost of investing in a rust-free product. Rust free shelving that is going to uphold its reliability over time will eliminate unnecessary, inconvenient and costly replacement costs. In addition to having shelving with excellent long-term value, operators would be supporting good food safety practices.

Watch this short video where Vicki Griffith, a food safety consultant, shares why you should no longer ignore bad shelving conditions.

From walk-ins to dry storage and every other foodservice shelving need, there’s a non-corrosive no-rust shelving solution that will hold up to the demands of your kitchen. Cambro offers free shelving consultation including: measuring of storage space, space improvement recommendations, diagram/layout and installation services.

Your kitchen should be set up for maximum cost savings, labor efficiency, food safety and functionality no exceptions. Shelving by Cambro helps operators do all of this and much more!

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  1. We have many 1st generation Metric Camshelving installations in Europe from 1997 and 1998 that are still in great condition today 16 years later. No rust, no corrosion, no issues!
    Shelving for Life!

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