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Are you Transporting Food into the Danger Zone?

Léal Pizza Oven - Cambro BlogWhen food hits what food safety experts refer to as the danger zone (between 41˚ and 135˚F), illness-inducing bacteria can grow and multiply at an alarming rate. They can double in number in as little as 20 minutes! Bacteria growth only gets worse the longer food is held at those temperatures. This is why holding food at safe temperatures is especially important to caterers and to those who hold off-site events where temperature control is an issue. Having the right equipment to transport food is vital. Without the comforts of the main kitchen and all of its electrical outlets, how can an operator transport food safely to its destination?

The Problem with Metal Transporters

Canned Fuel Cambro BlogMetal hot holding cabinets generally lose heat as soon as they are unplugged because most have no or very minimal insulation. This means food temps may rapidly plummet into the danger zone. During transit or during longer holding periods where electricity is not available, operators sometimes resort to canned fuel in attempts to maintain the temperature of their hot food. However, this results in uneven heating and requires constant monitoring of the food, not to mention the added expenses.

What to consider when investing in hot holding equipment:

  • Does the hot holding cabinet need electricity to maintain safe temperatures?
  • How well does it maintain heat during transit?
  • Is it designed to distribute heat evenly throughout the cabinet?

Pro Advice

“The number one reason every foodservice operator strives to keep their food hot is food safety! Yes, while food surely tastes better hot rather than lukewarm, the taste factor is only a minor consideration compared to the health implications of serving unsafe food. One of the major issues with metal food cabinets is the heat source. With heaters that push heat from the top or bottom of the unit, uneven heating may occur with the food pans furthest away from the heat source getting the least amount of heat – the ideal environment for harmful bacteria to multiply.” – Victoria Griffith, CP-FS CEO/Owner of Griffith Safety Group.

Transporting Food Safely

Léal Buffet Line Barrel Room 4 HR (2)Cambro’s insulated transporters address all food safety concerns, helping operators keep food hot and safe for as long as needed. They are designed with insulation throughout the entire cabinet so even without electricity; they are able to maintain safe temperatures for 4+ hours.

Let’s face it. Foodservice operators have a lot to worry about as is. Why risk the health of your customers and your company’s reputation? Investing in Cambro’s insulated transporters is like having your very own insurance policy for food safety.

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