Uncovering the Risk of Using Improper Lids

Improper LidsWhile using aluminum foil and plastic wrap is standard practice at restaurants as well as at home, there’s a list of reasons why you might want to reconsider using these, especially in a commercial application. While aluminum foil and plastic wrap seem like a good idea and a convenient way to cover food because it is easily accessible, it is not durable and can put your food at risk.

The Problem: Exposing Food

Improper LidsImproper container covers such as foil or plastic wrap can easily puncture and expose food to cross-contamination from other food sources close by. They may also compromise the taste and quality of food, allowing odors to infiltrate. After all, no one should be eating butter that tastes like fish! Also if you are dealing with limited storage space, covering containers with foil or wrap is probably not a good idea. They prevent containers from being able to stack up on top of each other thereby taking
up even more shelf space.

  • Lids on all food storage containers are essential for food safety. They keep food fresh longer than using plastic wrap.
  • Store product in clear containers with tight-fitting lids to minimize handling and reduce risk of contamination.

 Pro Advice

Proper Lids Cambro Blog“Storing or transporting food in pans covered with foil or plastic wrap can result in spills that contaminate other foods, compromising safety. To be on the safe side, it’s best to cover all containers with tight-fitting lids. By using durable, reusable covers, you’ll be doing something good for the environment by keeping a continual stream of used wrapping out of the landfill. Why not save resources and stay safe at the same time?” – Victoria Griffith, CP-FS CEO/Owner of Griffith Safety Group.

The Solution

Cambro Containers and LidsCambro offers a variety of lids that help operators run a more productive, efficient and safe operation. Not only do they hold and protect food, but they also maximize usable work space. Choose from a wide selection of lids made from various FDA approved materials, styles, and sizes that are designed to function exceptionally well in every application.

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