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Do You Know Where 2/3 of Your Water is Spent?

Commercial dishwashers are one largest water and energy guzzlers in commercial kitchens, often consuming more than two-thirds of overall water use.

If your dishwasher isn’t nearing the end of its life expectancy, what can you do now to reduce costs and increase water savings?

Cambro’s Camrack 4-in-1 system will eliminate any rewashing, as is standard practice for caterers, hotels and banquet facilities. Simply wash once, stack on a dolly, cover and store. The Camrack system forms a virtual fortress to protect your vessels until the next event, eliminating shrink wrap and drastically reducing water, labor, chemicals and energy.

Warewashing Cambro CamracksYour warewashing solution is waiting. Visit to find the perfect Camracks for your operation.

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