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You’ll Flip Your Lid over these Savings!

Healthcare foodservice operators have three key concerns: patient satisfaction, quality of service and cost savings. Anytime operators can implement a solution that impacts more than one of these concerns, it’s time to take notice.

For decades, healthcare operators have had to allocate thousands of dollars to the purchasing of disposable lids for meal service. Reusable lids for healthcare were invented by Cambro in 2010 and have been making an impact to the healthcare industry’s bottom line and sustainability efforts. Holy Spirit Hospital in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania ended the cycle of disposable lids purchasing recently and switched to Cambro Reusable CamLids®.

Switching from the disposable plastic lids to Reusable CamLids for mugs and bowls on the patient tray line, helped Holy Spirit save over $20,000 per year and eliminated a fixed annual cost from the budget. Those savings were enough to allow Holy Spirit to upgrade their meal delivery system to a new Camduction Complete Heat System.

“We were able to show cost savings because we no longer had to use the plastic lids that we were throwing away,” says Linda Lawrence, Sodexo general manager of food and nutrition at Holy Spirit.

As an added bonus for patient satisfaction, the Reusable Camlids also assisted Holy Spirit with keeping side dishes fresher longer.

“By using the reusable lids we were able to dish up the items to-order for the patients, so they are fresher.”

Cambro Reusable Lids - Holy Spirit savings
The Cambro Reusable Camlids in Action at Holy Spirit:

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