Cambro School Solutions: A Treasure Box That’s Easy To Find

From salad bars to fresh fruit snack stations, school are pursuing various avenues to get more kids hands on with fruits and vegetables. But why should this just be a mealtime event?

The Challenge

Develop unique and interesting ways to reward and entice kids to try fruits and vegetables going beyond lunchtime.

The Solution

The treasure box. Brenda Robinson, Foodservice Director for the Bakersfield (CA) School District was inspired by the treasure chests where teachers keep small rewards for their students. The customized solution is a Food Box with a hygienic sliding lid and a compact Camchiller® to keep fruit and vegetables at safe temperatures for extended periods of time. Increased consumption and knowledge of a variety of fruits and vegetables The idea is to get students to look at fresh, healthy produce snacks as special treats.

Bakersfield - CA - Healthy Snack BoxThe Results

“Many children grow up not wanting to try vegetables… We find that knowledge and tasting in the classroom makes students more likely to eat it in the cafeteria.” says Brenda Robinson. The results show an increased consumption and knowledge of a variety of fruits and vegetables.

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