A Caterer Shares a Cambro Secret

Caterer Challenge 2The Caterer Challenge Part II: Share The Secret is almost over – though you can still participate at www.cambro.com/secret until the end of April.

One of the most interesting entries came from Robert Coleman of Cafe Joshua Catering Company in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Cafe Joshua Catering

“We are not just a caterer, but also a not-for-profit training kitchen for formerly homeless men and women. We teach our clients the catering business and then assist them in finding employment or hire them to work in our catering business as social enterprise employees. Most caterers would probably talk about how great the insulated beverage and food servers are, but that is no secret. Every caterer worth his or her salt already knows this!”

Cafe Joshua

The Cambro Secret

“For me, the Camwear and Camsquare products are my secret weapons because they help me to teach our apprentices about the fundamentals of food storage, portion control and recipe production. Camsquare storage containers don’t stack too tight, so they aren’t a nightmare to pull apart like other storage containers can be. Most importantly the lids seal tight, and with inexperienced apprentices working in the kitchen, this can be critical to avoid spills and cross contamination. Lastly our Camwear measuring cups have been dropped, knocked around, and generally abused yet they continue to hold up which saves our non-profit organization valuable resources.”

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