Cambro School Solutions: Increase Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

That headline is sometimes easier to write than to practice, especially when it comes to kids. Such was the challenge faced by Timothy Cipriano, Executive Director of Food Services for the New Haven, Connecticut School District.

The Challenge

Meet new government requirements for increased fruit and vegetables offered and consumed per child while at school.

The Solution

The Cambro Versa Food Bar® and Buffet Camchiller® are being introduced at many schools as a salad bar that can keep food at proper serving temperature for up to four hours without the hazards of ice. The salad bar offers food service directors the opportunity to offer and attractively display a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Balance: salad bars are filled with a combination of fresh fruits and vegetables from the school gardens and locally grown produce.

Salad Bars - Cambro School Solutions

The Results

  • 25% increase in student consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • Provides a solution to meet the new regulation requirements
  • Encourages healthy habits and the consumption of raw vegetables instead of just sweet fruits

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