Cambro Showroom Revamp: Winners

Cambro Manufacturing is excited to announce Kavanaugh Restaurant Supplies (Madison, WI) and Country Clean Paper Supplies (Ocean, NJ) as the winners of the Showroom Revamp Contest. These two dealers will be receiving a complete StoreSafe Storage System worth $5,000 each for display in their showroom or store display area.ย  Thank you to all the distributors and voters who participated!

Also as part of the winning package, a Cambro Storage Solutions expert will work the dealerโ€™s showroom for an entire day to assist customers, train dealer sales reps and recommend storage ideas that will enhance labor efficiencies and food safety.

Cambro will be notifying the winners from the voting portion of the contest in the next few days.

Final Vote Tally:

Showroom Revamp Final Vote

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