UCLA Restaurant Industry Conference Recap

  1. We’re attending the UCLA Restaurant Industry Conference today #UCLARC – live tweeting. @UCLAextMGMT
  2. .@WholeFoods CEO “Customers are changing…Companies that operate status quo through traditional marketing are facing a collision course.”
  3. Fun and impressive fact – @WholeFoods opening a new store on average every 10 days. #UCLARC
  4. Theme for UCLA Restaurant Conference #UCLARC – Brand Relevance and Evolution pic.twitter.com/XsKSCWY43H
  5. Leisure and Hospitality: one of the very few sectors that has experienced job recovery. – Dr. Learner, Dir. UCLA Economic Forecast #UCLARC
  6. “Gained only 5.5 million jobs of 8.7 million lost. We are 11% short of where we need to be in job recovery.” #UCLARC pic.twitter.com/9rL7pUUIZc
  7. Happy workers helps bottom line. Best companies 2 work 4 have higher values. @uclaextension #uclarc
  8. “A customers’ right to know what’s in their food is pretty fundamental,” says Whole Foods CEO Walter Robb. #UCLARC
  9. “If your name is on it you are responsible.” #UCLARC restaurant crisis management panel. img.ly/tUuM
  10. Got a bad review on @yelp? Stop, drop and roll. Some great advice at #uclarc. img.ly/tUw6
  11. Health Inspection scores and @Yelp “Foodservice operators and Yelp understand how important transparency is to consumers…” #UCLARC
  12. “makes everyone more accountable and elevates the importance of Food Safety” Morgan Remmers @Yelp #UCLARC pic.twitter.com/1Wbmkg2X17
  13. .@TacoBell moving from “Food as Fuel Concept to Food as an Experience” CEO Greg Creed #UCLARC pic.twitter.com/LrjzzjqI5C
  14. Restaurants are in the experience
    Business not the fuel business #uclarc

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