What People Really Think About Cambro’s CamSquares FreshPro

In nearly every foodservice kitchen, you can find a CamSquare® or something that is designed to look like one. Originally introduced in the 80’s, CamSquares have become a staple and necessity for chefs in every sector. Their square shape provide more space efficiency and they’re extremely durable.

After nearly 40 years, even a classic can benefit from an upgrade. In January, we introduced the next generation of Cambro food storage containers: CamSquares® FreshPro. With this new line, we addressed some of the feedback we’ve gotten over the years and used it to create the freshest, safest and most efficient food storage containers on the market.

Lids that Securely Seal

Our classic colored lids are designed to simply protect food from contaminants. We took it a step further with our CamSquares FreshPro Seal Covers by creating lids that securely seal into containers. When you put a Seal Cover on a CamSquare FreshPro, you can feel the air press out of the container.

“The new CamSquares FreshPro Lids seal well to preserve freshness and quality, they’re easily stackable and they don’t get bent or lose shaped in high temp machines,” said David Hollands, Executive Chef at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis.

The First Drain Shelf For Storage Containers

Drain shelves have been available for our Camwear® Pans for years, but no company had ever designed drain shelves specifically for food storage containers.

“I love this Cambro [CamSquare FreshPro]. [The drain shelf] keeps the fruit out of the juice, lid seals perfectly on there—beautiful,” said Justin Kipapa, bartender at Wolfgang’s Waikiki in Waikiki, Hawaii.

Recessed Handles for Every Size

Previously, only CamSquares sizes 12qt., 18qt. and 22qt. were designed with little handles on the side. While we noticed that it would be easier for chefs if all of the containers had handles, we noted that the current handles took up valuable storage space. With our new CamSquares FreshPro, the handles are larger and recessed, allowing chefs to easily pick them up.

“If you work in the food industry, you know how hard it is to carry [food storage containers] around. When they’re heavy and “Look how big this is and how heavy it is and how easier I carry it around because it’s like a built in handle now,” said April Saldana, owner of Pflour Shop bakery in Texas.

Plus, because the handles are tucked inside the container, we’re able to provide an incredible 25% more storage capacity. For example, instead of only fitting three 22qt. containers, now you can fit four!

We aim to design our products to support chefs’ needs. When you tell us you wish something on a product was different, we listen and truly do our best to make it happen if possible. In addition to clear Camwear, CamSquares FreshPro are available in translucent polypropylene.


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