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Cambro’s Business of the Week: Thyme Well Spent Catering

Within the world of catering, owner and head chef, Brandon Hall, is consistently raising the bar! Fueled by a long-time passion for food, Hall started Thyme Well Spent Catering to create a personalized, unique experience for all types of celebrations. Whether it be a festive holiday party, aesthetic dinner or busy photoshoot, Thyme Well Spent relentlessly innovates by blending both catering and bartending services into one. Stacked with locally sourced ingredients and an experienced SoCal staff, Hall is focused on quality, creativity and customization… but he doesn’t stop there! Below, he illustrates how Thyme Well Spent remains at the forefront of the Orange County catering industry.

Thyme catering

What inspired you to get into foodservice?

“Food has been my passion since I was a young boy. I love the challenges and pace that the kitchen provides.”

What do you love about your business?

“I think we are putting down some of the most progressive, seasonal and unique catering in Orange County. We really push to become the best. The teamwork and camaraderie really helps us develop food that we can be proud of.”

What’s the most interesting thing to happen to your business?

“We purchased a building this year and did a full buildout. We now have a space that we own for our business to grow. We also rent the kitchen and built a state-of-the-art tasting room/popup dinner space.”

What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?

“Covid was tough. We were growing so fast before it came to a screeching stop. We decided to do delivery meal prep to help those who were afraid to leave their homes. It also helped us stay afloat.”

Which Cambro products help make your business work?

“We use everything from small storage Cambro containers to Cam GoBoxes® and larger warming boxes. We couldn’t do what we do without Cambro. I love and grew up in Huntington Beach [where Cambro is headquartered] which is an added bonus to be proud of.”

About Thyme Well Spent Catering

Location: Huntington Beach, Calif.

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