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5 Products Under $50 that Make a Huge Impact on Food Safety

In the realm of culinary excellence, prioritizing food safety is not only a professional duty but also a commitment to the health and satisfaction of your valued patrons. The good news is that maintaining impeccable food safety standards doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. We want to introduce you to 5 innovative Cambro products, all priced under $50, that have the potential to revolutionize the way you approach food safety in your kitchen.  

1. Drain Shelf for Food Pans

Ingredients are very valuable, and it’s a horrible feeling when you see prepped food has already begun to spoil. We know you already have Camwear® Food Pans because everyone uses them in some capacity in their kitchen! When you add a Camwear Drain Shelf to your food pan, food is lifted away from its juices, allow you to protect the flavor of your food, discourage spoiling and promote food safety.

ProTip: Get our new and CamSquares® FreshPro containers, the first food storage containers with their own drain shelves

2. Allergen Free Containers

allergen freeMore than 20 million American adults and children have food allergies, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. There are a variety of replacement ingredients that chefs can use to accommodate those with an intolerance, but unfortunately many of them have similar appearances.  Labeling is a necessity and while many people use tape on your containers, it’s not a great long-term solution. Some tapes leave behind a residue that can trap bacteria, plus you’re constantly re-labeling your containers after you clean them. Cambro created Allergen-Free Purple Camwear CamSquares and Seal Covers to decrease the chances of cross-contamination.  

3. StoreSafe Rotation Labels

storesafe labelsRemember what we were saying about tape? Putting tape on your containers to label your ingredients and prepped food can create a breeding ground for bacteria and cross-contamination. In order to maintain food safety protocols, it’s imperative to use professional food grade labels.

StoreSafe® Food Rotation Labels are created specifically for commercial food storage containers. StoreSafe Labels are biodegradable and 100% dissolvable; it only takes 30 seconds or less for them to disappear in the dishwasher or under running water. StoreSafe Labels are sustainable and they won’t create a build-up in your septic system or drain.

4. Notched lids

If you provide toppings on a serving line, you need our Notched Cover with Handle. Imagine you’re serving toppings or watching a customer serve themselves. There are a few scenarios that could happen:

  • There is no cover on any of the toppings: It’s inevitable that a topping will fall into another container where it doesn’t belong. We see this all the time!
  • There is a cover with a handle but no notch: Someone will lift up the cover, set it on the dirty counter, pick up tongs from a questionable surfaced and then replace the cover back on the clean food after they’re done. Oh, the humanity!

Our Notched Cover with Handle allows utensils to stay safely inside food pans while they’re not in use and less of a reason for lids to end up on the counter.

5. CamSquares FreshPro Mini

freshpro mini🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️Raise your hand if you’ve ever washed a single-use deli container? *everyone raises hand* Hey, it’s okay. We get it. For a very long time, chefs have washed and reused their deli containers because they haven’t had any reusable options. However, deli containers are designed to be single-use for a reason.

Deli containers’ are notoriously difficult to clean. Their lids have grooves and indentations that be difficult to sufficiently clean, smells linger, stains cling and leftover grease refuses to vacate the premises.

CamSquares FreshPro Mini are the food industry’s first commercial grade ½ qt and 1 qt reusable deli containers. Made with translucent material, CamSquares FreshPro Mini are easy to clean, withstand temperatures -40°F to 160°F (-40°C to 70°C) and are acid, stain, and odor resistant.

By integrating these products into your culinary arsenal, you can uphold the highest standards of hygiene and protection without straining your budget. Your dedication to both culinary artistry and the well-being of your customers deserves nothing less than the best, and these affordable gems are here to help you achieve just that. Click here to find your nearest Cambro retailer and online retailers today!


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