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How this School Increased Student Breakfast Participation by 30%

CVC at school

Getting students to eat school meals can be challenging, but Redlands Unified High School has an even bigger obstacle: a big main street divides their campus, making it difficult for students who are on the opposite side of the kitchen.

Redlands Unified High School has a Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) which allows highest poverty schools and districts in the US to serve breakfast and lunch at no cost to all of their students. With more than 2,000 students to serve, Dr. Betty Crocker, Director of Child Nutrition Services, purchased two Cambro Vending Carts to make the trek across the street and two more for the other side of campus.

“In order to provide that piece of equity, we provided service on both sides of the campus and in order to do that, obviously I don’t have a kitchen on both sides of the campus, but I can push these carts,” said Crocker.

cvc in kitchen

The Cambro Vending Cart is equipped with heavy duty casters to easily maneuver it wherever you need it, whether that’s across the quad or across the street! After RUHS started using their carts to serve breakfast, the results were palpable.

“With these carts, what we noticed first of all, is it immediately increased participation,” said Crocker.

RUHS saw a whopping 31.34% of increased breakfast participation after implementing the Cambro Vending Carts.

“These new carts are amazing. They are colorful, bring a lot of happiness, these carts are actually giving us more room to store food and it’s easier for the kids to reach in and grab the food as well."

Blanca Cuellar, the Child Nutrition Services Assistant II at RUHS

“We hold up to at least 150 items and we’ll get it done in about 10 minutes,” said Cuellar. 

The Cambro Vending Cart has open base storage and draining wells to provide allow you to serve a variety of foods and drinks, with the option of adding a Camchiller® to maximize cold holding. For hot meals, add a Cam GoBox® in any of its three open storage compartments to maintain safe temperatures throughout service.  

Contact your local Cambro sales rep to discover how the Cambro Vending Cart can help increase the participation at your school.


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