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In honor of National School Lunch Hero Day, we wanted to take the time to recognize some of the heroes our local reps interact with regularly and admire for their dedication and support. School foodservice employees do the very important job of feeding our kids each day, some of which wouldn’t get a meal otherwise. If you’re a school lunch hero, all of us at Cambro say thank you and send you a big round of applause!

Amanda Muniz, Foodservice Director at Chelsea Public Schools in Massachusetts

Nominated by Matt Tetzner, Northeast Director of Sales at Cambro Manufacturing

Amanda MunizAmanda puts her heart and soul into leading her team and providing fresh and nutritious meals. She is always looking for fun and creative ways to engage the students with food. She is always coaching and supporting her staff! She is involved with the non-profit food insecurity group, Project Bread, and raises money each year for their walk for hunger.

Tina Farmer, Executive Director of School Nutrition at Cherokee County Schools in Georgia

Nominated by Lee Ann Riley, The Hansen Group

Tina Farmer“From the day I met Tina I was blown away by her passion and love for school nutrition. She has the most infectious smile, and truly lights up a room. She is an amazing leader, and because of that, she has an amazing team. Tina is always forward thinking, and has her team top of mind, but most importantly, she is always thinking of ways to better serve the students.

I am a resident of Cherokee County and live in this community, along with Tina. All 4 of my kids go to Cherokee County Schools and are loved and fed by the school nutrition heroes on Tina’s team every single day. There isn’t a day that goes by that one of them doesn’t come home and talk about how much they love the lunch ladies and how yummy that day’s lunch was. Her passion and love for the community she serves and lives in never stops, and she truly is an example of a school nutrition hero.”

Stephanie Stuemke, Director of Food Services at Danville Community School Corporation in Indiana

Nominated by Kristine Bozovich, Gabriel Group

Stephanie Stuemke“Stephanie is constantly evaluating her program to see how she can enhance it.  Recently, she implemented a new personal pizza program that included purchasing an actual pizza oven.  Half of their participation went to this one entree and increased over 5% in one day.  Stephanie was in that kitchen for three days with her team to get the program started.

Additionally, Stephanie was recently awarded the ‘Turnip the Beet’ award by the USDA for her summer menus, as well as the Golden Delicious Apple Award from the Indiana Department of Education for offering many varieties of fruits and vegetables.”

Kindlyn Simpson, Foodservice Director at Lawrence County Schools in Tennessee

Nominated by Kristin Bishop, The Hansen Group

Kindlyn Simpson“Kindlyn has been the Foodservice Director for Lawrence County Schools for 18 years, and in that time, she has made a significant impact on the students, staff and community she serves. Firstly, Kindlyn has an unwavering commitment to providing nutritious and delicious meals to students.  She has worked to provide a variety of meal options that cater to students’ diverse tastes and dietary restrictions.

Moreover, Kindlyn goes above and beyond her duties as a Foodservice Director. She has spearheaded numerous initiatives to help students in need. She also started a summer meal program that provides free meals to students during the summer break, ensuring that they do not go hungry when school is out. Kindlyn is an exceptional foodservice director who has dedicated her career to improving the health and well-being of students.”

Caitlyn Harrison, Foodservice Director at Elmbrook School District in Wisconsin

Nominated by Joe Anderson, Anderson Foodservice Solutions

Caitlyn Harrison“Caitlyn believes in the power of nutrition as it relates to childhood health and academic performance to the point that she still gives free lunches to kids that need them, even after the Covid free lunch program ended nationally. She did the same thing at her previous school district, which still continues to support the free lunch program she started.”

Christina Varady, Assistant Director of Food Service at Lincoln Park Public Schools in Michigan

Nominated by Ric Mayer, Gabriel Group

“Christina was instrumental in getting the new middle school cafeteria up and running.  She started a breakfast cart to serve the kids right when they got in the building and as a result, participation in breakfast climbed by 300%. She is an excellent leader and is loved by the staff and students in Lincoln Park.”varady

Beth Morris, Director of School Nutrition at Lynchburg City Schools in Virginia

Nominated by Ernie Stalnaker, Lane Marketing Group

Beth Morris“Beth trusted us when we suggested Cambro’s Pro Cart Ultra units and purchased enough to implement satellite and mobile feeding. After using the Pro Cart Ultras, Beth told us how integral they have been to the success of their new mobile system.”

Volunteer State Cooperative (VOLCO) Nutrition Directors in Tennessee

Nominated by Kristin Bishop, The Hansen Group

“I want to nominate all of the Volunteer State Cooperative School Nutrition Directors as my school lunch heroes. This group of 39 districts in Middle and West Tenn., led by Ronda Lewis, has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to providing nutritious meals to students, regardless of their background or economic status.

During the pandemic, VOLCO implemented safety measures to protect the health and well-being of their staff and students. They also took on additional responsibilities, such as delivering meals to students who are unable to come to school. VOLCO has demonstrated exceptional leadership, compassion, and resilience in the face of unprecedented challenges. They are true heroes who have made a positive impact on the lives of countless students and families in their communities.”


These are just a few of our local Cambro sales reps who immensely value the relationship they have with their school foodservice heroes. Click here to find yours!


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