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5 Things You Don’t Know About Cambro Food Pans

If you look in the kitchen of any restaurant, school or hotel, we’re willing to bet you’ll find a Cambro food pan. A gold standard in the food industry, Cambro food pans are a need rather than a want. Cambro is often imitated but checking for the tiny “Cambro” imprint in one of the corners of your food pans ensures you have the real thing. Although you already know Cambro food pans are extremely durable and stain resistant, there are plenty of things you don’t know about these silent heroes. Read on to discover the five things that make our food pans anything but basic.

1. Cambro offers 6 different types of lids

When we see a Cambro pan covered in plastic, our hearts sink because we know it deserves so much better! We created 6 different types of lids for specific functions to make your life easier and to keep your food safer and fresher.

  • Flat Cover: At the very least, every Cambro food pan should be used with a flat cover to discourage cross-contamination and allow for stacking.
  • Cover with Handle: This cover has a handle that allows you to easily lift to access contents.
  • Notched Cover with Handle: Easily and safely keep utensils in your pans while maintain coverage by using our notched cover with handle.
  • FlipLids®: Designed to keep food fresh, safe and accessible, Camwear FlipLids are ideal for prep tables and serving stations.
  • GripLids®: Have you ever had liquid splash out of a food pan as you were carrying it? Say goodbye to drips and spills with GripLids.
  • Seal Covers: After implementing Camwear® Food Pans and Seal Covers, Coco Fresh Tea & Juice found that after 7 to 10 days, the fruit was still extremely fresh and ready to be used.

2. Increase productivity while decreasing labor

Cambro High Heat H-Pans™ can truly do it all. From prep to freezer to oven to service, all you need is a High Heat H-Pan. Thanks to a heat tolerance up to 375°F (190°C), High Heat H-Pans can be used in microwaves, steam tables and ovens. Their versatility allows employees to save time, reduce the chance of cross-contamination and decreases the number of containers that have to be cleaned.

high heat

3. Cambro pans are better insulators than metal pans

Many foodservice professionals use metal pans, but what they don’t realize is metal conducts heat, which means metal easily transfers heat to cold products and takes heat from warm products. Camwear® Pans are better for cold-holding because it doesn’t take the cold temperature away from your food and High Heat H-Pans are better for holding hot food because they are designed to provide insulation. High Heat H-Pans promote even cooking and heating, eliminate uneven spots and protect food temperatures during transport.

4. Easily identify what’s inside

Unless you’re a magician, you can’t see through metal pans. With Camwear Pans and Translucent Pans, you can easily see what is inside your food pans without having to take off the lid or riffle through stacks of metal pans on a shelf. When you don’t have to remove a lid, or decipher what is underneath crumpled plastic wrap, you decrease the chances of cross contamination and increase freshness.

5. Cambro pans are Made in the USA

Alexa, play “I’m Proud to be an American.” Products that manufactured in the USA have a reputation for being high quality. Cambro only sources the highest quality FDA-approved materials for all of its factories in the US and across the world. When you purchase a Cambro food pan, you have the confidence of knowing you are getting a high-quality item that has been developed under strict US regulations and undergone rigorous testing. When you use a Cambro food pan, the difference is palpable!

You already use countless Cambro food pans each week, but now you know how to make them even more effective in your kitchen. Do you have more food pans than you know what to do with? Click here to see how Cambro’s Food Pan Trolley Helps This Resort Manage Thousands of Hotel Pans.


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