Pop Quiz: Test Your Food Waste Knowledge

Food waste is a significant problem in restaurants across the world, with an alarming amount of food being thrown away every day. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, one-third of all food produced globally is wasted. In the United States alone, restaurants generate an estimated 22 to 33 billion pounds of food waste per year. This immense waste not only wreaks havoc on the environment but also creates significant economic losses, with millions of dollars squandered each year. Consequently, it’s essential for restaurants to adopt measures to minimize food waste and champion sustainable practices.

Take our Food Waste Quiz to find out if you’re trash or a compostable comrade. 

Cambro Products that help keep your fresher, longer so you throw away less food:

  • Drain Shelves: Available for CamSquares® Freshpro and food pans, drain shelves lift food like diced tomatoes and cut pineapple away from drippings to reduce spoilage.
  • Colander Pans: Ideal for prepped produce like lettuce, allowing liquids to drain into a Camwear Pan below.
  • Seal Covers: FreshPro Series Easy Seal Covers and Seal Covers for food pans seal tightly to protect food from spoiling prematurely.
  • Camwear Boxes: When produce arrives in cardboard boxes, take it out and store it in Camwear Boxes with a lid to protect food from contaminants and critters.


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