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How to Ban Speed Racks from Your Walk-In

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Our customers’ kitchens are our favorite place to be because they are where some of our best ideas have come from. After seeing walk-in after walk-in crammed with metal speed racks in between their shelving, we were inspired. Moving the racks in order to reach the items on your shelving is inefficient, and if you have to completely move the rack out of the walk-in, you risk disturbing the temperature of the food.

Each day, Mario Rinaldi, Food & Nutrition Services Manager at AdventHealth Palm Coast, had 6 speed racks sitting in the middle of their cooler.

“We don’t want anybody going in the cooler and having to fight a speed rack. You don’t like walking in a room and then having to move everything to get where you have to go,” Rinaldi.

Rinaldi first noticed a problem with their walk-in when they performed a deep clean and pulled everything out. Upon doing that, he realized that “almost every single shelving unit had rust on it, more rust than you would want on any kind of foodservice equipment or storage.”

After converting to Camshelving Premium Series®, they made the decision to order 6 Ultimate Sheet Pan Racks for Single Shelf.

“[The Ultimate Sheet Pan Racks for Single Shelf] eliminates the need for speed racks in the cooler. If you’re gonna use a speed rack, you take an empty speed rack into the cooler, grab whatever you need on these sheet trays, and then leave,” said Rinaldi.

After Rinaldi and his team started using their shelving, they realized they needed even more Ultimate Sheet Pan Racks for Single Shelf than they anticipated and purchased 7 more.

When you’re serving 420 meals to patients a day, plus more in AdventHealth’s café, an organized and efficiently designed kitchen makes a huge difference. Contact your local Cambro rep to get started today.


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