5 of the Best Catering Trends We’ve Seen on Instagram

When everyone was stuck at home, they couldn’t wait to get back to enjoying time with friends and family at events. This year has been a boom of weddings, parties and celebrations that are bigger and better than ever. It’s no secret that catering businesses love Cambro. While our products are simply the supporting actors, the chefs that make their amazing food are the main cast. Here are 5 catering trends we saw on Instagram that are too cool not to share. 

Eat Drink Charcuterie table

1. Grazing Tables

Charcuterie boards walked so grazing tables could run. These beautiful, elaborate tables are designed with the ideal mix of meat, cheese, accoutrements, and small bites. Ideal for showers, birthdays, and cocktail hour, Eat. Drink. Charcuterie. in California is able to neatly arrange the table and then leave the guests to enjoy their handiwork. No servers are needed to serve out of cloisters or walk around with trays of finger foods. Although these tables understandably slowed down during the pandemic, now they’re more popular than ever.

Catering by Michaels

2. Graffiti Dessert

Ditch the donut wall in favor of an immersive and artistic experience. The pastry team at Catering by Michaels in Chicago created this gorgeous masterpiece in front of 650 guests. Not only did they create a moment for guests to enjoy, now they got to choose what they wanted to enjoy from the table—rather than grab just another slice of cake.

Crave salad - photo credit @alinephotoco

3. Hanging Salad

Salad on a plate? Boring. Salad hung in a little pail? Amazing. Crave Catering in Minnesota utilizes hanging salad to entertain guests, add décor and provide multiple options. On each tier, guests can find a different salad! This idea is so simple yet it comes off as inventive, creative and unique.

4. A Seating Chart with a Twist

In lieu of the typical listed seating chart, Puff ‘n Stuff Catering in Florida showed guests where they sat and provided them with a margarita shooter to help them get the party started. We have it on good authority that tequila is very encouraging when it comes to dancing. Not only is it a fun idea, but it can also be an ice breaker for guests walking in who may not know each other.

24 carrots minis - photo credit @bretthickmanphoto

5. Mini Combos

Although huge, carefully curated displays are extremely eye-catching, there’s something that people love about a food or drink looks like it belongs in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. 24 Carrots Catering in California offers these mini burgers—so mini that you can pick them up with a cocktail pick—and the cutest little copper mule mugs you’ve ever seen. While they might be small, they are mighty! credit @bretthickmanphoto


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