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The Most Overlooked Products that Impact Your Food Safety

Ingredients are very valuable, and it’s a horrible feeling when you see prepped food has already begun to spoil. Plus, with the shortage of labor available, you want to make sure every minute spent in the kitchen is being used wisely. Cambro’s Drain Shelf and Colander Pans are small but significant pieces of equipment that can help decrease the amount of food you throw away and increase your efficiency.

Drain Shelf: Available in Camwear®, Translucent and High Heat H-Pan™ materials in a variety of different sizes. Drain shelves are cost effective, compatible with any lid and slightly elevate foods inside food pans.

Colander Pan: Available in Camwear®, Translucent and High Heat H-Pan materials to fit 1/6 through full size food pans. Colander Pans are compatible with Camwear Flat Covers, Covers with Handles, and Notched Covers with Handles and provide more elevation inside food pans.

Here are 5 ways to impact your food waste and efficiency with Cambro drain shelves and colander pans:

  1. Prepped Produce

Prepping food ahead of time is a great way to save time during service, but some ingredients can be fragile and spoil before you have time to use them. When you’re holding, olives, diced peppers, chopped tomatoes and fruit like pineapple, using a draining device is ideal for separating food from excess juice.

  1. Meat

When preparing meat, fish or poultry ahead of cooking, a colander pan helps prevent frozen or raw meat from sitting in water or expelled juices.

  1. Fresh Produce

Isn’t everyone looking to save time? Put fruits and vegetables inside Colander Pans when washing to effectively clean, rinse and immediately store into a Camwear Food Pan. Water and dirt drains out of the bottom of the colander pan, leaving clean fruit ready to be stored!

  1. Drain Oil and Grease

When you fry food, it gets a deliciously crunchy exterior that can be ruined if oil soaks into it. After dipping your food into the fryer, move it a High Heat H-Pan™ with a Drain Shelf to keep the food elevated and away from excess oil. Plus, drain shelves are made to be stain resistant, making them very easy to clean. 

Utilize a colander pan inside a High Heat H-Pan when cooking food like meatballs to keep food away from excreted grease.

  1. Organize Bottles

If you utilize bottles of dressing on your serving line, adding a drain shelf to your 1/3 pan allow you to keep each bottle elevated away from condensation and decrease the chances of spills.

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