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Custom Breakfast in the Classroom Solution Makes for Easy Lifting

What do you get when you cross a GoBag® with a GoBox®? Schenectady School District’s specially-made GoBoxes with straps. Food Service Manager Elaine Reynolds originally ordered Cam Goboxes for to use during student field trips. When Reynolds was looking for something to replace the insulated bags they used in their breakfast in the classroom program, she wanted the GoBoxes—with one adjustment.

“I wanted to try the GoBox because it could hold more and temperature-wise it was just better for us. I had said to [my local Cambro sales rep] Holly, ‘I really need this box but I need 2 straps on it’,” said Reynolds. “So, she talked to Cambro and they were all for it.”

Every morning, the staff packs up the GoBoxes and students come to bring them to their classrooms. The GoBox is durable and lightweight thanks to its polypropylene construction and the addition of two web straps allows students to comfortably carry the GoBox on their shoulders or with their hands.

“Our kids are pretty instrumental to moving the boxes to the classrooms for breakfast. It’s varied at each school, so we worked with her on getting some straps put on so that the kids can move them in the building a little easier. Usually they come down in pairs, and obviously safety is a huge concern for us,” said Reynolds.

When they used their old, insulated bags, Reynolds was concerned about temperature maintenance, but the GoBox is designed to hold food at ideal hot or cold temperatures for at least four hours.

“Before it goes to the classroom, [the GoBox] is out probably at least an hour and then it’s in the classroom and then it could be an hour or two before we get it [back]. The feedback I’ve gotten is that they’re holding the temperature better and the milk was still cold,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds uses their GoBoxes at their 12 elementary schools and 3 middle schools to hold cold items like milk, fruit, juice, cereal, yogurt and cheese sticks.  

“It seems to be going really well. I like the [GoBoxes] just because they’re really tough and rugged,” said Reynolds.

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