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Do You Know Your Cambro Rep? Here’s Why You Should

Since our inception, we have relied on our sales representatives across the country to embody the values and integrity of the Cambro brand. Our reps are an invaluable resource to our customers. Not only do they have a wealth of product knowledge, but they are also used to thinking creatively and efficiently about how to utilize every inch of your storage space. We rounded up just a few examples of how our reps made a big impact on our customers.

  1. Problem Solving at St. Cloud Area School District 742

When students returned to in-person learning during the coronavirus pandemic many schools, including St. Cloud Area SD 742, decided to serve meals in the classroom. Their foodservice staff understandably panicked a little. While some had already been dabbling in breakfast in the classroom, providing food to students twice a day was a completely different ballgame.

After Joe Happe, Supervisor of Nutritional Services at St. Cloud Area School District 742, got the news, his first move was to call his Cambro rep, Laurance Anderson.

“The guy knows everything about Cambro, he knows everything about the products, so if I ever need anything, he’s my first call for help,” said Happe.

After hearing Happe’s needs and concerns, Anderson suggested Cambro’s Meal Delivery Trays. Happe took Anderson’s suggestion and was extremely satisfied with his decision.

“From the time we start packaging these meals in these Cambros to the time it’s on the kid’s desk ready to go is 10 minutes or less. It’s working really well because with the isolated sections the hot piece stays hot and the cold fruit stays cold,” said Happe.

  1. Creating a New Product for Salvation Army

The Salvation Army uses a variety of Cambro products, one of which is the Cam GoBox. They love how lightweight and temperature retentive they are, but there was just one feature they wished it had.  

“The old [heavy-duty Cambro insulated transport units] had a hinge lid, so you didn’t have to completely lift the lid off all the time. You could flip it back and then scoop in there. It kept the food a little bit hotter,” said Jeff Jellets, Territorial Disaster Coordinator with The Salvation Army – Southern Territory.

After Salvation Army, World Central Kitchen, American Red Cross and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief gathered together for a meeting to discuss strategy, Jellets contacted his Cambro rep, Dave Steinhardt with Finn Foodservice, and explained his hinged lid idea. By the next meeting, his rep had sent him a sample of the lid for them to try and review. After Jellets gave the Cam GoBox Flip Lid their seal of approval,  it was officially put into production and made available to the public just a couple months later.

  1. Healthcare Overhaul at Solheim Senior Living

Cynthia Slaterus, Director of Dining Services at Solheim Senior Living, needed to completely overhaul their foodservice equipment. Most of it was outdated and there was little continuity. Slaterus started with Cambro’s Meal Delivery Carts and later purchased CamracksKD Carts and Camshelving® Premium Series.

“I’ve never tried any other products, I stuck with Cambro. I know [other brands], I guess, but my heart belongs to Cambro,” said Slaterus.

When asked why she never wanted to try anything else, Slaterus credited the quality of Cambro’s products and the customer service she received from her rep, Michele Martinez.

“I think it’s the relationship I have with [my Cambro rep] and the suggestions and recommendations that they have given me,” said Slaterus. “I’ve been very, very happy with The Fischer Group.”

  1. Camshelving Transformation at Skirvin Hilton

The Skirvin Hilton has 40,000 sq. feet of event space that includes ballrooms on the 2nd and 14th floors, a high-end steakhouse called the Park Avenue Grill, a breakfast restaurant buffet area and a piano lounge that seats 80 people. In 2019, the equipment in the coolers, dish rooms and banquet rooms couldn’t keep up with the amount of use the hotel required.

Lippe worked with his local Cambro rep, Josh Zielinski with Chrane Foodservice Solutions, to find the most efficient solution to the Skirvin Hilton’s variety of spaces.

“Josh was flexible to work with, being extremely knowledgeable…he immediately would have the answers,” said Lippe. “That commitment to understanding the industry as a whole makes a difference to me.”

  1. Ardingly College

It’s not uncommon for our reps to go above and beyond for their customers. When Ardingly College decided it was time to replace their mish-mash of hazardous shelving, their Cambro rep, Nick James, was happy to help them figure out the best design for their needs. When it was time for it to be installed, he only required a tried and true English favorite in return.

“The Cambro rep came in to look at the area and came up with a fantastic plan to help us. Once installed by Cambro (for the price of a Bacon Sandwich), this shelving has created a number of things: more depth to the shelving to create more storage space, safer for staff, hygienic and non-rusting and easy to clean.”

No matter what your situation is, your local Cambro sales rep is ready to advise you on the best solution to suit your needs. Whether you’re trying to increase your efficiency or need a completely new product to solve your operational problems, your local Cambro rep can’t wait to help you every step of the way. If you don’t know whom your local Cambro rep is, visit and fill out your zip code to find out now.


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  1. Great piece Adriana. Cambro Reps are fortunate to be given a well equipped tool box and excellent training!

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