Five Things Your Shelving Desperately Needs

If you think shelving is just shelving, you haven’t seen Camshelving®. When you’ve been using the same inefficient shelving year after year, restaurant after restaurant, it can be easy to forget that there are better options out there.

Introduced more than 20 years ago, Camshelving has transformed thousands of walk-ins into efficient, organized and food-safe spaces. Camshelving was created in three different models to fit your needs: Premium Series, Elements Series and Basics. After you read this list, you’ll regret not getting Camshelving sooner.

1. Open Corners     

Each unit of traditional commercial kitchen shelving is standalone. However, when you are able to connect your units and eliminate extra posts, your storage abilities increase exponentially.

By eliminating that cumbersome post, the corner is opened up and can be fully utilized to reach storage containers or ingredients that are tucked all the way in the back.

The result is less lost, spoiled food without compromising weight-bearing capacity.

2. Removable Shelf Plates         

If you’ve ever tried to take apart wire shelving, you know it can be extremely difficult and labor intensive. Plus, trying to clean it is nearly impossible. Dirt, rust, corrosion and grime is able to settle in between the grooves and once it does, there’s no going back to the way things were.

Camshelving is the antithesis of wire shelving. Shelf plates sit on top of two traverses, allowing each shelf to be sturdy yet independently cleaned. You don’t have to take off the shelves at the top to get the ones at the bottom; simply lift off shelf plates and wipe them clean or run them through a commercial dishwasher.

If your ingredients change frequently and you need to adjust the height of your shelves, it’s easy to take off traverses and move them up or down. Every unit—even those that share posts—can be designed with different shelf heights.

3. Antimicrobial Camguard™

Hygiene and sanitation have always been a top priority for the foodservice industry. Microbes that can cause disease or fermentation are found everywhere in the environment. To survive, microbes need to find a surface rich in nutrients to attach themselves. Camguard is a protective barrier on your Camshelving that discourage this process from happening.

All three models of Camshelving are constructed with antimicrobial CamGuard permanently embedded into its shelves. During the manufacturing process, Camguard is blended throughout the entire shelf so that it won’t wash off or deteriorate—even if the shelf plates get a nick or scratch.

4. Innovative Accessories   

If we find out foodservice professionals are having a common problem or a need, our engineers get to work on a way to fix it. Our Camshelving accessories were each designed for a specific reason.

  • Shelf Rails: Keep shelf contents secure on all sides of your unit. Each Camshelving model has its own type of shelf rail.
  • Shelf Dividers: Protect stacked items like produce packages from becoming unorganized or narrow items like condiment bottles from tipping over.
  • Divider Bars: Install food boxes and food pans to sit straight or at an angle on your Camshelving unit for easy access.
  • Camshelving Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack for Single Shelf: Free up mobile speed racks and maximize storage in walk-in coolers, freezers or prep stations.
  • Camshelving Pegboard: Neatly hang frequently used small items like lids, drain shelves, tongs, spoons, ladles, or spatulas and free up valuable shelving space.
  • Single Shelf Security Cage: Heavy-duty and rust-free, the Single Shelf Security Cage provides safe storage for valuables such as meats, alcohol, and belongings, ideal for use in freezers and coolers.

5. Lifetime Warranty Against Rust          

Camshelving is shelving for life! All three Camshelving models have a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion. Forget having to replace your shelving every couple years when it starts to rust, Camshelving will be standing as long as your restaurant is in operation.

How you might ask? Camshelving Premium Series posts are constructed with a polypropylene material wrapped around a metal core and Camshelving Elements Series and Basics Plus are both made from durable composite plastic. Camshelving surfaces will never flake, chip or become corroded.

Click here to get started with our complimentary Camshelving Design Service and to learn more about the best Camshelving model for your needs.


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