Back to School: Beverages

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Going back to school is still presenting a lot of challenges for foodservice employees. As rules and regulations continually change across the country, one thing remains the same: provide breakfast and lunch safely to students. No matter how your school is planning to serve meals this year, we rounded up the best products for each method. Whether you’re serving in the cafeteria, hallways or in the classroom, we’re providing suggestions to make each method go as smoothly and safely as possible. The second blog in our Back to School series features how to safely hold and transport beverages.

  1. Mooving your milk

When you think of school beverages, the first thing that comes to mind is milk. It’s been the standard for as long as we can remember. Offered at both breakfast and lunch, milk is an important addition to a student’s meal. In the cafeteria, offering milk is simple, but when you have to transport it across campus or classroom to classroom, it becomes a little more difficult. For this reason, we created the Cam GoBox Milk Crate Box. With the ability to hold a 13” X 13” milk crate full of 50 half pint milk cartons, the Milk Crate Box is a no-brainer. Rather than having to take each carton out of the crate and into another container, you lift everything as it is right into the Milk Crate Box. All that milk can get heavy, but we designed the Milk Crate Box with an adjustable web strap and molded in handles for flexibility and comfort.

  1. Flex your cold beverage offerings

The Flex Station is an invaluable piece of equipment. True to its name, the Flex Station can become whatever you want it to be. Using shelves, angled bars and storage containers, the design possibilities are endless! The Flex Station becomes a cold beverage cart by using angled bars, Camwear® Boxes and Camchillers®. Simply freeze the Camchiller flat overnight and put inside a Camwear Box before loading milk, juice or smoothies; beverages are held at safe temperatures for hours. Because the Flex Station provides the option of adding a cold holding element, you’re able to use other parts of the cart for room temperature or warm items too.

  1. Quickly transport individual servings

Milk is great for elementary school students, but high schoolers expect a little more these days. Don’t let Covid restrictions damper your creativity in the kitchen. Expand your beverage offerings with Cam GoBox Beverage Holders. Smoothies, green juice, lemonade and more can be individually packaged and held at cold temperatures for breakfast or lunch service. Constructed from temperature retentive expanded polypropylene, Cam GoBox Beverage Holders make it easy to transport cold drinks to distribution points around campus or from classroom to classroom. These holders ensure drinks are kept secure during transport, reducing spills and cross contamination.

When you’re figuring out how to safely feed students, don’t forget the drinks! It’s a small but important component, nonetheless. Cambro products are designed to keep beverages at the same cold temperatures students have come to expect from the cafeteria. Contact your Cambro rep today to get started.


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