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Casino Arizona bets on Camshelving

Casino Arizona

If there’s something you don’t want to take a gamble on—it is your shelving. The foundation of food storage and safety, shelving is an extremely important part of any kitchen. But for Casino Arizona, which annually hosted 2.4 million guests before Covid-19, it is critical to have the most durable, efficient shelving possible. Open 24/7, Casino Arizona’s guests eat and drink around the clock. To say their kitchen equipment takes a beating is an understatement.

Previously, Casino Arizona used metal shelving that wasn’t conducive to their needs.

“It was such a hassle dealing with the wire racks. They didn’t move and they were in the way,” said Andrew Helmandollar, Executive Chef at Casino Arizona. “Having to move so much material in and out of that walk-in with limited shelving and having to walk product all the way around one end of a shelf to go down the aisle way to put things away and take things out was a real hassle.”

To expand their storage without expanding their space, Helmandollar went with Camshelving® Premium Series High Density Storage System. Using mobile units anchored by two stationary units allows employees to get to ingredients quickly and easily on any shelf.

“The High Density shelving, being that it can move, it provided access to the back shelf of the wall where we didn’t have access before. It’s really helped us out in mobility, being able to get things in and out and put things away quicker and being able to find things quicker and keeping it organized. They’ve all been pluses,” said Helmandollar.

In addition to their High Density Storage System, Helmandollar has replaced almost every shelving unit in Casino Arizona with Camshelving.

“The health department likes them because they don’t rust,” said Helmandollar.

Shelving is just the beginning. To completely maximize their storage, Helmandollar prefers to stock their kitchens with CamSquares.

“I like the square containers because I can fit more on the shelf than round containers. We go through a lot of soups, sauces and dressings and all kinds of stuff and we have limited space. You need to be able to utilize as much space as possible,” said Helmandollar. 

“Honestly, we’ve tried other brands of products, I mean there’s a lot of them out there, but we’ve always had really good, consistent quality with Cambro. We are very hard on equipment here and the thing that seems to last the best and the longest happens to be Cambro,” said Helmandollar.

With cocktail waitresses constantly carrying around drinks for gamblers to enjoy, it’s no surprise Casino Arizona has to wash a lot of glassware. Luckily, their Camracks are durable enough to handle their demand.

“When we’re all the way up and running, it’s a grind. We wear things out. We’ve bought quite a few Cambro dish racks and they seem to work really well and hold up to our wear and tear,” said Helmandollar.

If Helmandollar ever has a question or concern, he doesn’t hesitate to reach out to his local Cambro sales rep.

“The customer support that we’ve gotten has been amazing. If we have an issue, I can call our Cambro rep, Jeff Vermilyea, and he’ll be right out there, ready to help. He’s even gone and helped us setup or rearrange or even come out and do some repairs. He’s a real asset,” said Helmandollar.

Cambro products are designed to withstand even the harshest foodservice environments. Whether your kitchen is big or small, Camshelving can allow you to utilize every inch of usable space. Contact your Cambro sales rep today to get started.


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