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Is Your Shelving Wasting Space? Here’s How to Fix It.

What if we told you the right shelving design could increase your storage capacity by up to 50 percent? Using the Camshelving® Premium Series High Density Storage System, your storage space is able to reach its highest potential. Brett Boerboom, Food Production Manager at Mercy Unity Hospital, wasn’t very happy with the dry storage room’s shelving he inherited when he started his position. Not only was it an old hodge-podge of products, it was poorly designed.

“There was probably some wire shelving in there from the 1970’s to some current wire shelving to some more industrial style metal shelving—pretty flimsy. It was one of those things that was kind of a nemesis for me,” said Boerboom.

“It just wasn’t organized very well. It was a rectangular room set up with shelving along the outer walls and then there were eight shelves sandwiched together in the center to create like an island in the middle; you had to walk all the way around it to get product or stock product.”

Because of the island in the middle, staff members had to push their carts around the cluster of shelving in order to get an items from the other side.

The High Density Storage System is simple yet highly effective, comprised of two stationary starter units anchored to a floor track and mobile units in between. Boerboom’s system is equipped with eight total Camshelving units in the middle with additional units along the periphery.

“[The system] impacted the efficiency, it makes it convenient for our tray passers to go in there with their carts and easily stock their carts versus having to walk around a center island and then hand carry their product to their cart,” said Boerboom. “Now they can just wheel their cart in, push a shelf over on the track system, step inside that area and grab what they need and set it on their cart.”

The High Density Storage System is ideal for high-volume operations like Mercy Unity Hospital. Designed with Camshelving Premium Series, each shelving unit is easy to customize at any time.

“To me, it’s a lot easier to work with; they are easily adjustable. If something changes size from what we’re normally storing on a particular shelf, it’s easily adjustable up or down to accommodate that new pack size,” said Boerboom.

Each shelf plate is molded with antimicrobial Camguard® and can be safely run through commercial dishwashers while the entire unit has a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion.

“I love that you can take the plates off of a shelf and run them through the dish machine to keep things clean and organized. We do have some additional Cambro shelving within our cooler units. Once a week, before our cooks leave for the day, they remove items and pull those plates off and run them through the machine and get them cleaned,” said Boerboom.

In addition to their new Camshelving units, Boerboom replaced their old metal can racks with Cambro’s Ultimate #10 Can Rack.

“It accommodates all of our cans, it’s beautiful. That’s one thing that I’ve attested to and I’ve bragged to other people that I know in the foodservice world is I love my Cambro can racks because I can fit eight cans on there versus six,” said Boerboom.

The capacity for two additional cans allows Boerboom to order more stock without running out of room or becoming unorganized.

“We’ve always had one or two shelves sitting next to our can racks that would have miscellaneous cans because we didn’t have room to fit a new case that came in,” said Boerboom.

Increase the storage capacity, food safety and organization by choosing Cambro’s Camshelving products. Learn more about each Camshelving model at


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