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Food Storage Wars: Round vs Square Containers

Cambro Rounds and CamSquares are a dynamic duo. Although they seem very similar, their differences are impactful. Both Rounds and CamSquares are a necessity in your kitchen, but are you using them to the best of their ability? We explain when to choose Rounds and when it’s hip to be (Cam)Square:

Maximize Your Space

When you’re trying to maximize your storage space, always choose CamSquares. Because of their square shape, they provide 33 percent better space usage than round containers. CamSquares stack tightly vertically and horizontally, stretching your space as far as it can go. Always secure a lid to your CamSquare to maximize your storage capabilities. Stacking containers covered in plastic wrap is messing, unhygienic and highly discouraged.

Promote Air Circulation

It’s extremely important to have proper air circulation inside walk-in and reach-in coolers. It’s one reason we recommend using vented shelf plates on your Camshelving. In this scenario, having a little space between containers is a good thing. Without that space, air can get trapped in corners and create especially cold or warm spots. Rounds allow air to evenly pass between containers and through shelf plates in order to speed up cooling. Keep air flow consistent by storing prepped food in round food storage containers inside coolers when possible.

Increase Identification and Organization

Color-coding is one of the easiest methods of identification. We designed our CamSquare lids in red, green and blue to make covering your containers as simple as possible. Our green lids are used on our smallest CamSquares, red lids are used on medium sized CamSquares and blue lids are used on the biggest CamSquares. This method allows chefs to quickly cover their food, identify product and improve organization.

Mix Efficiently

Have you ever mixed sauce inside a CamSquare? It can feel clunky and awkward as your spoon gets caught on its corners. When you have a soup, stock or sauce that needs to be stirred during the food prep process, choose a Round container. Its circular shape allows for easy and even stirring and improves yield. We suggest storing liquids and anything that requires mixing inside Rounds.



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