GoBox Keeps its Cool While Traveling Through Dubai Desert

Chefs all over the world use Cambro products. Chef Paul Hayward was born and raised in England before beginning his culinary career at 16-years-old. Having worked in the US, The Bahamas and for the last eight years, Dubai, Cambro products have been there every step of the way.

“I know [Cambro] products really, really well. Super strong, super durable, they’ll last forever,” said Hayward.

After using Cambro insulated transport boxes to cater high profile events for years, recently he went to a restaurant supply store and saw GoBoxes for the first time. Made of CFC-free expanded polypropylene material, GoBoxes are extremely lightweight yet durable. After seeing them again on LinkedIn, Hayward decided to buy a couple to try.

“I had to go to Abu Dhabi, which the whole journey is about three hours. I made the ice cream the night before, so it was not that hard and I packed it in three ice packs and I put it in the small GoBox. I took it three hours in the car and it did not change texture. Zero, which I’ve never, ever seen in Styrofoam. So, that’s what kind of blew me away,” said Hayward.

Frequently working on tastings, openings and special events, it’s important for Hayward to have insulated transport products that he can rely on.

“The biggest thing we do in Dubai is we move food from place to place. I think Dubai now is the biggest delivery place in the world. I’m sure everywhere is getting insane, but delivery is insane and a lot of people are buying from each other and because of the heat you have to ship smart. So, this is a perfect solution that every single business should need,” said Hayward.

“The GoBox holds temperature at -40°C to 120°C for four hours, it’s much lighter, it’s much thicker, it’s better for the environment; you’re not throwing Styrofoam away.”

Pastry is Hayward’s primary passion; his specialty is creating Western desserts with an Arabic twist. His clients enjoy seeing how Hayward incorporate flavors like pistachio and dates into scones and donuts.

“I only work with the best of the best. It’s a luxury I have after I’ve been in the industry over 30 years. I know what is the best and people trust my judgement,” said Hayward.

While Dubai was locked down during the onset of the coronavirus, Hayward spent his free time cooking and posting on Instagram. Many of the clients he has now found him through his posts. 

“For me, I’m super busy. I’m back-to-back business,” said Hayward. “We were literally at home for 10 weeks without work because they were really, really strict and then after that it was insane. Since then, I haven’t stopped. It’s a good problem to have.”

Hayward has lived in a lot of beautiful, interesting places, but he says Dubai is something that’s all its own.

“Dubai is a super amazing place. If someone gave you a pen and said design a city, basically that’s what they did,” said Hayward. “They have the biggest and best of everything. You can go to the beach…and 20 minutes you could be in the middle of the desert.”

Cambro’s line of GoBoxes are available in several sizes with the option of top and front loading. Whether you’re transporting beverages or food pans, there is a GoBox that supports your business. Contact your Cambro rep to get started today.


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