Unique Camshelving Design Increases Beverage Storage Capacity

We never shy away from a challenge, in fact, some of our most rewarding projects come from exceptional requests. Many of our products can be used in different ways to accommodate uncommon applications. Camshelving, constructed with rust free materials, is the perfect foundation for a variety of foodservice needs. Andreas Anagnostopoulos, Director of Operations at Tampa Yacht and Country Club, needed a new way to store their champagne and white wine cases. The previous method was inefficient and went against food safety advice. 

“We just had cases and cases of wine in cardboard boxes stacked, which as everyone knows, that’s a no-no,” said Anagnostopoulos.

When the club completed their last renovation, Anagnostopoulos wanted to vastly improve how they stored their alcohol.

“We created a beer and wine cooler in order to store all of our white wine at a proper temperature, but we didn’t have something that we can store in a 35°F temperature room that would not rust, warp or hold moisture, and so that’s where we really started to look for something different and we couldn’t really find anything,” said Anagnostopoulos.

Russ Hanson, Anagnostopoulos’ local Cambro rep, suggested Camshelving because it has a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion, making it the perfect addition to any cooler or freezer. Anagnostopoulos liked the construction of Camshelving but wanted more storage capacity than solid shelf plates offered.

“We need at least six cases of our house champagne at any given point, and of our wines that we sell by the glass, we need at least two cases of those,” said Anagnostopoulos.

Hansen went back to the drawing board and came up with the idea of using Camshelving in the form of our Premium Series Angled Drying Rack. Anagnostopoulos tried multiple bottle configurations until he finally found the sweet spot.

“The champagne bottles fit over the grooves on the shelves which allowed them to remain sturdier and actually allowed us to store more of the champagne bottles that way instead of laying them flat like the other white wine bottles,” said Anagnostopoulos. “There are anywhere from three to four cases on just one of those shelves. It really allowed us to expand our inventory to allow us to buy in bulk to get a cheaper discount and to provide a better experience and a better value to our membership.”

Designed with durable composite plastic wrapped around a steel core, Camshelving is built to withstand the rigors of foodservice. Each piece can be lifted off for easy cleaning without having to take apart the entire unit.

“If a bottle—heaven forbid—breaks, you just take it off and throw it through the dishwasher and you put the shelf back on,” said Anagnostopoulos. “It makes our life a lot easier.” 

Established in 1904, Tampa Yacht and Country Club has been ranked in the nation’s top 30 private yacht clubs in the USA and awarded as a Platinum Club of America since 2003 by Club Leaders Forum. The club’s new Camshelving design aligns with their goal of providing exceptional experiences to excellence their members and guests.

“[The Camshelving] looks clean, it looks organized and it just really sets the tone for what we need and who we are,” said A. “It’s a very unique situation and it worked out great for us.” Don’t let your storage challenges get the best of you. Contact a Cambro rep today for a personalized consultation on how our products can create an efficient, successful solution for your business.


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