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How to Transport Perishables Without Sacrificing Temperatures

Sometimes you don’t realize there is a problem in your business until you get into the trenches yourself. The coronavirus pandemic has exposed operational weaknesses and provided an opportunity for foodservice directors to improve service. Milwaukee County Department on Aging has 28 curbside pickup sites where adults 60-years-old and older can receive meals. Plus, they prepare and deliver meals to seniors who are not able to leave their homes through Meals on Wheels.

Two catering businesses prepare the meals before they’re transported to their final destination. Gaylyn Reske, Senior Dining Program Coordinator, said participation in the program has increased by 40 percent since the pandemic began. The department was shorthanded one day, so Reske stepped in to help deliver meals to one of the sites. The experience revealed a pain point she was unaware of previously.

“When my employee and I were trying to help get these carts off the lift gate truck and then into the senior dining dispatch site, they were obviously not meant to be transported; the aluminum transport cart almost fell on us. We had a really difficult time, just trying to get it over and into the building was a nightmare,” said Reske.

She contacted her distributor, Fein Brothers, and they suggested Cambro’s Pro Cart Ultra because the casters are specifically designed with consistent transportation in mind. In August, she ordered 10 units and immediately noticed a difference.

“The Pro Cart Ultra units are definitely much easier to get on and off the trucks, especially because the casters don’t have the issues like with the aluminum carts. I think it’s safer,” said Reske. “They were just such a God-send.”

In addition to maneuverability, Reske had concerns with the temperature retention in the aluminum carts.

“The employees had concerns coming in over the summer about the milk temperatures, they were well over 40°F,” said Reske. “It was really about keeping the cold food cold.”

In order to maintain quality and prevent the growth of bacteria, milk should be held at or below 40°F. After putting the Pro Cart Ultra units to work, Reske received positive feedback from one of their Meals on Wheels clients.   

“She told me that the milk has been so much colder, and the cold food has been so much colder,” said Reske. “These new carts are definitely holding the temperatures, especially our milk.” After her initial order, Reske purchased an additional 10 Pro Cart Ultra units to support their efforts. The Pro Cart Ultra is a favorite with foodservice operators because of its ability to maintain hot and cold foods in the same unit. Simply switch out the module to transform your Pro Cart Ultra to hold hot or cold food. Rust proof and dent-resistant, the Pro Cart Ultra can handle the rigors of consistent transportation. Contact your Cambro rep to decide which Pro Cart Ultra model is best for your business.


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