Camshelving Transformation: From Dark and Moldy to Hygienic and Bright

In foodservice, good enough isn’t good enough. Products are specifically made for the foodservice industry based on safety, environment and consistent use. At Cambro, we work to provide products that are approved by foodservice agencies to further prove our dedication to the foodservice industry and their needs. Camshelving Premium Series is listed by NSF International, an independent, not-for-profit organization which certifies products for sanitation and cleanability.

When your business isn’t equipped with the right products, you might not notice it at first, but eventually the difference will become evident. That’s exactly what happened at Fredericka Manor in Chula Vista, Calif. For years, one of their dry storage rooms was filled with thick, heavy metal shelving.

“It was industrial garage shelving that pretty much wrapped around the whole storeroom. You couldn’t see what was behind it,” said Fredericka Manor’s Chef Reyes Rodriguez.

When they removed the metal shelving, they found a nasty surprise waiting for them.

“On the back of it, we didn’t even know this, but the moisture and humidity in the room caused it to mildew behind it. The whole wall was black and asbestos, but you couldn’t tell,” said Rodriguez.

No stranger to Camshelving, Rodriguez already had units in two other spaces within Fredricka Manor. One of Rodriguez’s favorite features of Camshelving Premium Series is the cleanability, which was lacking in the metal shelving they had before.

“You can clean it easier. You can take it apart and you run it through the dishwashing machine. The poles, you just wipe them off and you’re good to go. You don’t have to disassemble the whole unit, you just disassemble where you put the food,” said Rodriguez.

Camshelving has also greatly increased the storage capacity in their space thanks to its shared post design and open corners.

“The shelving units interact with each other,” said Rodriguez. “[The open corners] are an advantage because you don’t have anything in your way. You will not lose any food.”

Additionally, Rodriguez took advantage of two Camshelving accessories to complement their units. First, Ultimate #10 Can Racks to hold their cans.

“The other racks, the cans start rolling and getting dusty. You can’t clean them. The Cambro racks, you can just take the whole rack and rinse them,” said Rodriguez.

Second, Rodriguez chose to add Camshelving Wall Fasteners to their shelving in case of an earthquake. Designed from durable stainless steel, we recommend adding a wall or floor fastener if you live in an area where earthquakes are common.

“We did it because we didn’t want to worry about it later,” said Rodriguez.

When you choose Camshelving, you’re choosing a shelving solution that will last your business a lifetime. Impervious to rust, corrosion and hidden mildew, Camshelving is built to keep food safe in any storage room, walk-in or freezer. Are you ready to make the switch? Contact your local Cambro rep to get started on a free design today.


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